L.I.S.A. is an ongoing series of experimental reflections on screens, fictions and reality.

L.I.S.A. Film 2023
“L.I.S.A.” is an eight-minute single-channel video. It shows a sequence of unedited and edited scenes captured from unencrypted CCTV camera feeds. It contains a poem in the form of yellow subtitles as well as an audio piece and is intended to act as a seductive veil whose secret one seeks to lift. By delving into this sequence of poor-quality videos, the viewer is supposed to invent a narrative, imagine characters and relationships between the images. The project reveals a mediating, fictional level in our experience which distorts the relationship between subject and reality.

L.I.S.A.: Act I, Three-channel video installation 2023
“L.I.S.A.: Act 1” is a video installation that shows a heavily draped blue curtain from multiple angles while an atmospheric sound piece plays in the background. The entrance and exit into and out of the exhibition context are covered with transparent, blue PVC strips, and fossils of industrial tubes are placed in front of the projection, evoking a shattered, ruinous landscape.
The installation questions how screened images reveal themselves to us and highlights the material, phenomenological and fictional layers they traverse. As such, the work attempts to open up the question of whether screens themselves act as a type of transparent curtain which, maybe mischievously, maybe constitutively, disappear in our perception of the images they contain.