Untitled Transmission Installation 2022 - Wood, mixed media, 300x200cm
“Untitled Tranmission” is an installation consisting of a wooden sculpture resembling a high voltage tower placed in front of a greenscreen surrounded by lights. 
The installation is meant to evoke a filmset in which the colour green acts as a referent to the greenscreen’s inherent possibility to bridge the gap between the fictional and the real, to technology more generally, but also to the natural world.
In this constellation I also reflect upon screens, which act as physical mirrors or, when turned on, as gates into the digital realm. While all elements have their own meaning, they form new semantic connections when put in relation to each other.
The work is supposed to be puzzling while being impressive due to its size. It acts as a reminder of the omnipresence and yet invisibility or non-apparentness of ubiquitous new media, phones, computers and interfaces, but also of the infrastructure of electricity itself.
Marshall McLuhan states “The electric light is pure information. It is a medium without a message.” Electricity is the best example of an infrastructure which dictates our everyday life while being completely invisible. We only see the infrastructures like cables and sockets, yet its actual power is felt only in non-apparent ways: as ripples of political conflict or as a commodity in the lifeworld.

Photos by Lynn Theisen. Exhibition View, Leap2022, Rotondes