Mechanical Eye  Installation & Video —1 Minute, 2021.
Mixed media sculptures, plinths, tv screen, LED tubes, web cameras, chains

An installation thematising the impossibility of making eye contact with one another in the context of a video call due to the vertical disparity between the positioning of a webcam and the user's eyes. Either The two users look at the screen and therefore their eyes do not meet, Or one of them plunges his gaze into the abyss of the lens so that the other can welcome it. But what if Both of them fixed their gaze on the lens? The installation makes visible Such an interaction. The spectator witnesses the fact that the gazes of two sculptures meet through the cameras. Eye contact, without a third observer, would remain blind and without testimony. A perspective on the disjointed mediation between traditional sculpture and Digital objects, humans and technology, Eyes and Mechanical eyes.