Transcript  Book — 14 Pages, 2015
An attempt to record oral languages that are considered to be on the brink of extinction by using a form of asemic writing, a seem- ingly senseless, wordless writing used by contemporary poets and artists. Graphic interpretations of the phonemes were written down with charcoal, ink or pen, carefully cut out, and bound into a book. The only remains of the languages are calligraphic outlines on blank pages of paper and their shadows projected onto the next page.

Wakchumni, United States California,
1 speaker working on a dictionary
Ning, South Africa, less than 5 speakers Tofa, Russia, 90 speakers
Pirahã, Brazil, 300 speakers
Silbo Gomero, La Gomera, 1000 speakers Rotokas, Papua New Guinea, 4000 speakers